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Norman Snodgrass is an unlikely hero...

Norman Snodgrass is an unlikely hero...

Norman Snodgrass is an unlikely hero...

... clumsy, overweight and always falling over, he spends his time trying to avoid being teased by his Poggle classmates. When he loses the school pet, Norman reluctantly sets off to find Spong inside the strange Green Planet where rocks move and insects do the weirdest things.

Along the way, he meets a mysterious Professor and discovers there are deadly perils threatening his home.

Soon, the rescue mission turns into a dangerous adventure to protect the entire Planet...

But can Norman save the day?


Follow Norman's Adventures...

Norman Snodgrass is an unlikely hero...

Norman Snodgrass is an unlikely hero...

Loved the book? Follow Norman's further adventures on Facebook or in his blog. You can also see a short story about him read by Sue on this site - Norman Snodgrass and the Pale Blue Dot.

 Tell Norman what you think at norman@normansnodgrass.com and look out for book two - 'Norman Snodgrass Over the Moon' coming in 2020!


Stop Press!

Norman Snodgrass is an unlikely hero...

Stop Press!

Norman is so excited! He's just heard that  'Norman Snodgrass Saves the Green Planet' is now a SEMI-FINALIST for the 2019 Gertrude Warner Awards for Middle Grade Readers! 

These awards 'recognise emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of middle -grade readers, (...) that compel children to read and explore.'

The finalists will be announced in April 2020 - Norman's keeping his fingers and extra-long toes crossed!

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About Sue Bough

 Sue Bough lives in leafy North West London with her husband Charlie. After completing a Degree in Education she spent a short while teaching in the UK and Paris before beginning a career in aviation. When not writing about blue creatures from distant planets, she can be found teaching 'non-technical' skills to commercial airline pilots. 

Sue also helps to run a small charity which provides a summer camp for children with special needs and she often writes stories to read around the campfire. These are mostly humorous as the year she penned a ghost story, no-one slept!

'Norman Snodgrass Saves the Green Planet' is the first in a series of adventures about this unlikely hero. In it, Sue combines her passions for stargazing, science and the environment to encourage children (and adults!) to look up to the stars and begin to wonder... 

Sue is available for school bookings to run interactive creative writing sessions. She is happy to adapt these to inclue the science and environmental themes in her books. Sue holds an Enhanced DBS certificate and is always happy to provide this. If you would like to find out more about her availability and the locations she covers, please email her at norman@normansnodgrass.com

Sue is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi).

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